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2024 Excellence in Design Awards

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From: April 10, 2024 8:00AM EDTTo: May 26, 2024 11:59PM EDT

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Rules & Regulations






April 10th, 2024: 8:00 AM EDT; Start of competition.

May 12th, NEW DATE! Saturday, May 26th 2024: 11:59 PM EDT; Deadline for entries.

June 7th, 2024: Project judging process begins.

July 12th,  2024: Judging process completed.

August 16, 2024: Winners notified.

September 14, 2024: The Carolinas Chapter of ASID 2024 Excellence in Design Gala - In Person.



  • Applicant must be an ASID Carolinas Member in good standing. Applicant may be a team member of the project or lead as long as they are an ASID Carolinas chapter member.
  • If the interior designer is employed by a firm, they must be the primary interior designer on record for the project. 
  • Project(s) must have been completed after January 1, 2022. 
  • Projects may be re-entered as long as they have not received a past Carolinas Excellence in Design award.
  • A project may only be submitted in ONE category. 
  • Comprehensive projects may be entered in only ONE (1) category. 
    • However, different rooms from the same project may be entered in multiple categories if they are not included/shown as part of the comprehensive project. For example… If you enter XYZ Residence in “R02: Residential New Construction (< 3,500 SF)”, a wine room within the project may be entered in R11 Residential: Single, Unique Space or R12 Residential: Custom Design Element (Furniture, Cabinetry) if the photos of the wine room are NOT included in the overall R02 project submission.
  • All entries must adhere to entry requirements and judging criteria. Failure to comply with these specifications will result in disqualification of entry and forfeiture of the entry fees.


  • IMPORTANT: No identification of designer, firm or project shall be included in the Design Concept Statement, Project Challenges or Project Design Solutions. Entries failing to follow instructions will be disqualified.
  • IMPORTANT: No identification of designer, firm or project shall be visible on uploaded photography and/or drawings (including file names), including designer name/firm name and respective logos, trademarks, etc. However, in commercial design categories, it is acceptable for company / client logos and signage to appear in photographs. Entries failing to follow instructions will be disqualified.
  • Text may be included on a photograph to describe Design Challenges or Solutions in support of Design Statement.
  • If the photos submitted do not have permission to be published by both the Photographer and the Owner, then the project cannot be entered.
  • Lack of drawings, elevations, and details to support design concept statement, challenges and solutions may lead to lower judging scores.
  • If all requirements are not met, the entry will be disqualified.



  • ENTRY FEE: $100.00 per project
  • Payment: All entry fees will be paid through the awards entry management system.



  • DEADLINE: PROJECT REGISTRATION, COMPLETED ENTRIES and PAYMENT FOR EACH SUBMISSION MUST be received by Sunday May 26, 2024, at 11:59 PM EDT. You will have access to edit an already submitted project until the deadline date. Late entries will not be accepted. No refunds will be provided for incomplete entries. All entries will be submitted electronically via CPJ Association Management entry system.
  • REGISTER - Click the blue register button on this page. Sign in with your existing username and password or create a new account if you have not used the platform before. You many now select the awards categories for which you plan to submit a project.
  • PAYMENT - Pay the submission fees; once you have paid the submission fees, you will be able to complete the Entry requirements.
  • PROJECT ENTRY - Select "Entries" to complete entry forms and upload project files and documents. Preferred file size is 4 MB, with 2 MB minimum and 10 MB maximum.
    • Upload Project Photographs - Minimum of (1) and maximum of (10) project and/or supporting images (jpg. png or pdf).  NOTE: Text may be included on a photograph to describe design challenges or solutions in support of Design Statement.
    • Upload Project Drawings (REQUIRED): Minimum of (2) Maximum of (6) project drawings, elevations, or details; single page only (jpg, png or pdf).
  • Entry Form - Project Details & Design Concept Statement
    • Project Name
    • Brief Project Description
    • Name(s) of ASID Project Designer(s)
    • Project Location (City/State)
    • Date of Project Completion
    • Square Footage
    • Photographer Name(s)
    • Design Concept Statement - 750 words or less.
      • DO NOT include the firm's name or names of any of the designers in the design concept statement. DO NOT reveal the name of the project if the project is your firm's office space.
      • Exception, in the commercial design categories, it is acceptable for company/client logos and signage to appear in photographs.
      • Entries failing to follow these instructions will be disqualified.
  • SUBMIT - Click the Submit button after you have reviewed your entry and are satisfied. You can go back into the entry at any time during entry management and make further changes; just be sure to click "Submit" again when you are done.




Each project will be reviewed based on how the presented material corresponds to the Design Statement, Challenges and Solutions through written content, drawings, and photos. 100 points possible using the following categories for consideration:

  • Design Intent (20 points total)
    • Effective Explanation of Design Criteria and Goals 
    • Effective Explanation of Challenges 
    • Quality and clarity of presentation (easy to understand, complete, concise, proper grammar and spelling)
    • Quality and clarity of photographs 
  • Design Execution (50 points total)
    • Overall Design meets stated goals and challenges (phasing, existing conditions, budget) 
    • Overall Design fulfills and enhances the human experience 
    • Solutions appropriate to the stated design statement 
    • Exhibits outstanding or unusual use of materials, detail, products 
    • Creative use of space
    • Functional use of space 
    • Overall design addresses HSW 
    • Solution fulfills ADA or Universal Design principles
    • Principles and Elements of Design (color, texture, line, form, value, balance, proportion, rhythm) 
    • Effective use of Lighting 
  • Use of Products and Materials (30 points total)
    • Color scheme and composition 
    • Functional use of products and materials (cost, durability, safety) 
    • Creative use of products and materials
    • Appropriate and/or innovative for space 
    • Appropriately sustainable, WELL, mindful materials 
    • FF&E selections used appropriately for space 


  • 1 POINT = Sub-standard, imperfect, noticeable problems
  • 2 POINTS = Competent, minimal problems, quality product/execution, acceptable
  • 3 POINTS = Skilled, insignificant problems, superior product/execution
  • 4 POINTS = Exemplary, near perfect, top-quality products/execution, superb design, inspired
  • 5 POINTS = Immaculate, perfect, uncompromising design execution, brilliant, extraordinary


  • Projects are judged by a panel of award-winning ASID Members from ASID Chapters outside of the Carolinas.
  • The jury may award  up to ONE Platinum, One Gold, Two Silver and Three Bronze for each commercial or residential category.  
  • The jury reserves the right to withhold awards in categories where the entries do not meet the defined criteria.
  • All decisions made by the judges are final.
  • The jury will evaluate the projects based on the judging criteria utilizing the judging points matrix.



  • Awarded projects will be announced at ASID Carolinas' 2024 Design in Excellence Awards Presentation in September. More details coming soon. 
  • Awards will be engraved with ONLY the primary ASID member Interior Designer or Design Firm's name.
  • One award trophy will be presented per winning project. Duplicate awards will be available by order after the event at cost.